Rachel Barnes (self-portrait)Although self-expression through art has always been something I loved, photography was a skill and passion that I developed slowly at first. However, it soon became my main focus, although elements of my artistic temperament still permeate my work, including appreciation of beauty in the seemingly everyday.

Through photography I demonstrate my perceptions of my surroundings, and include components of my personality in every picture. Currently I enjoy fashion photography, including styling my models and creating the entire look. I also like photographing people and attempting to capture their individuality in each image. I particularly love photographing dancers as their natural grace and elegance enhances every photo. I went to New York in order to capture this art form and it has since fuelled my curiosity and passion.

Additionally, I enjoy capturing aspects of city life, and interesting architecture, as I have had the privilege of living in Italy for two years, a country that boasts many beautiful cities with unique buildings, rich history and charming people.

I am always branching out and trying new genres, and am eager to broaden my experience. For me photography is a chance to meet new people and to forever view the world through a lens.